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A selection of our products

Newcast Aps manufactures and supplies moulded parts specifically within heat-resistant cast slats for the combustion industry.

Incinerators and heating plants

Over the years and through its sister company Fe Foundry A/S, Newcast Aps has built up experience in the supply of slats for boilers and heating systems – both large and small.

Therefore, in collaboration with our customer and our foundry, we can offer solutions in heat-resistant castings in just the right material. This means a much longer shelf life for the items and thus a significant saving for our customers.

The materials and alloys Newcast Aps uses for heatproof grates can handle up to approx. 1,100 streets celsius.

Herning Power Station
Herning Power Station

Product samples

Other products

Here you can see a selection of other cast items with and without machining. These items are produced with the help of our sister company Fe Foundry A/S.

Product samples